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Target Helix Personas on these media platforms.

Near is a leading location intelligence company that leverages historical location and context to power data driven marketing for advertisers.


Adshel and Helix allows media agencies and brand advertisers to identify the optimal Out of Home locations and creative strategies to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time.


big mobile partner

Target Helix Personas in Big Mobile's PROFILE+ audience profiling platform. Agencies and direct advertisers can leverage their audience targeting within the mobile advertising ecosystem.

Eyeota's Audience Data Marketplace has over 28 million unique users in Australia. Eyeota clients can now target Helix Personas on the top 50 media buying platforms and major trading desks partners.


Greater Data have coded their 16mil named addresses, 5.2mil telephone numbers and 3.5mil email addresses to Helix Personas. These lists can be used for direct marketing campaigns.

MCN delivers optimum campaign results for clients by combining high value audiences with an unmatched choice of premium content and MCN's reputation for creative solutions. MCN brings life to your ideas.

Yahoo7 reaches one in two Australians online. When combining Yahoo7's online data with Helix Personas Yahoo7 Data Sciences can turn data into the smartest audience connections reaching the right audience at the right time.          

salmat partner

Deliver your letterbox media and unaddressed mail to your target Helix Personas through Salmat and their media planning tool - Swiftplan

Acxiom’s unique partnership with Roy Morgan Research allows advertisers to target Helix Personas audience on Facebook, eBay, Twitter and Yahoo!7. And for Roy Morgan Asteroid clients, custom audiences can be scaled up using Acxiom’s InfoBase®, then activated on Facebeook via Partner Categories.

Integrating Helix Personas with its rich online data set enables Nine Digital to identify, recognize and communicate with its 14.2 million active accounts in the Nine Digital universe.



big datr partner

Big Datr makes it easy for you to find, compare, and analyse competitor marketing activity by Helix Personas. Analyse your competitors' marketing services and learn from their success and failures.


The Centre for Social Economics maps and measures the economic impact of the Desire Economy on businesses. The Centre used Psychonomics to develop high-value Helix Personas known as the Desire Strand.


Map Data Services offer advanced spatial analytics with Helix Personas for Catchment profiling, drive time analysis, local area marketing, site store planning and much more.

retail oasis partner

Retail Oasis uses Helix Personas to help retailers grow and sustain their business by better understanding their customers to make judgements that lead to better business outcomes.

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