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What is Helix Personas?


Helix Personas provides a framework to profile consumers across a variety of attributes. Helix Personas is a Data as a Service product that delivers unique insights into customers. See more

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  • Leading Lifesyles

    100 Leading Lifestyles

    High income families, typically own their own home in the inner suburbs.

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  • Metrotechs

    200 Metrotechs

    Young, single, well educated, inner city professionals with high incomes, typically renting apartments. Cultured, connected, clued-in & cashed up.

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  • Today's Families

    300 Today's Families

    Young families in the outer suburbs, living up to their above-average incomes. Their beloved gismo-enriched home is the nucleus of their family.

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  • Getting By

    400 Aussie Achievers

    Closest to the average Australian, these young, educated, outer suburban families are working full time to pay off their expensive separate house.

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  • Aussie Achievers

    500 Getting By

    Young parents or older families with children still at home, outer suburbs, bargain hunters.

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  • Golden Years

    600 Golden Years

    Conservative, risk-averse retirees focused on health, security and maintaining an income from investments or the pension, even if they're mortgage-free.

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  • Battlers

    700 Battlers

    Mostly Aussie-born, these struggling young families, single mums & retirees are focussed on making ends meet. Many are welfare dependent.

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